Politics and Religion in Nigeria: A Call for Retrospection – By Dr Olamide Olanrewaju

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History doesn’t repeat itself it is humans that repeat history because they dont give attention to it.

Different people derive their objective moralities from their religious beliefs however, their worldviews are in line with the pioneers of these religions hence, their thinking could be predicted.

The practice of politics that is obsessed with ‘WINNING’ by using one religion against the other or that make one religion dominate the other is dangerous; a delve into lawlessness and ‘anarchy’.

The use of one sect of religion by a political elite to achieve political ‘score point’ in a country that prides her self in freedom of speech and of religion; will cause a great set back to the system hence, the state will become ungovernable.

If Nigeria as a nation will rise to her name as giant of AFRICA and will be free from insecurity and poverty, religious issue must be treated as a part of governance not as a weapon to win political position.

Nigeria as a federal system must emulate the wisdom of the incumbent Governor of Oyo State His Excellency Engineer Seyi Makinde, a politician who separates government from religion by establishing an office of interfaith for easy access and dialogue amongst all the religion hence, Oyo state ranked the most peaceful state in Nigeria despite the large numbers of residence.

If religious crises can be avoided in a multi ethnic country, insecurity will be minimal because a kidnapper belongs to a religion; a terrorist belongs to a religion, an armed robber belongs to a religion and if all the religion leaders emulate the wisdom of the incumbent CAN Chairman of Oyo State His Eminence Apostle Dr. Joshua Sola Akinyemiju (Rtd Col)who place ultimate priorities on educating Christians in the state on good governance and peace building so as to change the ugly narrative that Christians have no impact in the society.

Politics with no regards and respect for other people’s religions and belief will burn down a complete system of dialogue.


Dr. Olamide Olanrewaju is the Personal Assistant to CAN Chairman, Oyo State.

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