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Consistent Ejaculation Prevents Prostate Cancer – Expert

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Officer in charge of Advocacy, Communication and Community Mobilisation, Oyo State, Mr Olarinde Olaoye Samuel, has revealed that consistent ejaculations during sexual intercourse will prevent men from contracting prostate cancer.

Samuel, a health educator, made this known during an advocacy meeting with members of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, South West ‘B’ Zone in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State on Human Papilloma Virus, HPV, the newly introduced vaccine to end cervical cancer.

He said research has revealed that any man not engaged in sexual activities for a long time has the possibility of accumulating some cells in the body system which can result in prostate cancer.

“But once these cells are not burnt out, they will grow gradually and when it has grown abnormally, it will would lead to prostate cancer, but if one is actively performing sexual activities and consistently ejaculating, it would help to ease off some cells in the system and will not allow them grow abnormally,”he stated.

The health expert added that the HPV vaccine, specifically the one being used in Nigeria now, was designed for girls only, but stated that with the ingredients contained in it, if a man takes it, it can assist to fight some other cancerous activities in the body system.

“I just want to implore our people that at least, they should go for cervical or general cancer test. We are doing prostate test, we are doing cervical test.

“If you go to the laboratory, they will analyze how your cells are functioning.

The ones that are in excess would be controlled for you, but if you don’t go for test, it means you are endangering your life which can be too late by the time it would be discovered.

“It is advisable to go for medical check once in a year to know our health status because it will help us to discover early or prevent ailments, especially those that have to do with cervical cancer,” he advised.


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