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How to Deworm with Garlic, Milk Combination ( CHECK TIPS)

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Here’s a natural remedy on how to Deworm without using drugs or pills

If you haven’t dewormed in years, months here is a good time to explore the potentiality of the combination of garlic and milk to expel the worms hindering your body growth and wellbeing

Check the tips and steps below

You need two things

– Half cup of Milk

– 3 cloves of Garlic

– Ensure you’ve not taken anything (morning preferably)

Preparation StepĀ 

– Blend the garlic

– Pour the blended garlic in the half cup of milk

– Mix thoroughly

– Drink it.

Your worms will find their way out of your system.

Ensure you take it before food early in the morning.

This preparation is not safe for children and pregnant women

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