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Engaging in Fasting, Prayers can Prevent Hypertension – Medical Expert

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A medical expert, Dr Adesida Adewunmi, has said that having a good relationship with God and engaging in religious activities such as fasting, praying and meditation can prevent hypertension.

Adewunmi stated this on Saturday at the ongoing medical outreach organised by the Customs Officers Wives Association (COWA) in Abuja, to mark World Hypertension day.

The expert, a consultant and family physician, said that lack of spirituality has been linked to high BP.

He explained that spirituality was the relationship an individual has with God, while being religious entails the activities individuals do to express their relationship with God.

He said being spiritual and religious could give people hope even amid difficulties, thereby preventing them from the risk of having high BP.

Adewunmi said that anger, malice, and grudges could lead to high blood pressure, as these behaviors can cause unnecessary conflicts and tension with people.

He added that maintaining good relationships with family members, spouses, friends, and co-workers can help reduce risk of high BP.

According to the expert, abstaining from alcohol and smoking can lower the risk of high blood pressure.

“WHO latest research has shown that a drop of alcohol is no longer safe, it even predisposes you to cancer,” he said.

He also encouraged personnel and COWA members to steer clear of processed and packaged foods.

According to the consultant, regular sex among married people can reduce the risk of hypertension.

“ We have discovered if you have regular sex with your spouse at least three times a week, it brings your BP down.

“This is because intercourse releases what we call endorphins and oxytocin hormones, these are relaxation hormones which makes you to be young and calm down, so your BP will calm down,” he said.

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