Christian Community Reacts to Governor Makinde’s 70% Re-election Votes Claim from Muslims

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The Christian Association of Nigeria has cautioned the Oyo State Governor Engineer Seyi Makinde not to spark religion crises in the state through his statement over the outcome of the 2023 Governorship election in the state where he secured a second term tenure to govern.

The Personal Assistant and Media Aide to Chairman CAN Oyo State, Dr.Olamide Olanrewaju in a statement released on Friday, warned the governor not to weaponise religion in the politicking of the state, saying such act could spark up undeserving unrest in the state.

“The attention of the Christian Community in Oyo State has been drawn to a publication with the above caption. The statement which was allegedly credited to His Excellency Engr Seyi Sa’ad Makinde at the Commissioning of Adogba Ultra Modern Mosque in Ibadan”

It is unfortunate to note that fact checking and independent research has been replaced with political calculations and figure jumping; it is more embarrassing to see these in places where it is least expected.

“When religion is weaponised and deployed into politics based on sentiments without a careful thought of the consequences, it result into crises that may in turn cause instability in the terrain.”

“If we go down to memory lane, a statement was made by Professor Ishaq Akintola of the Muslim Right Concern whence he advised the Muslim Community in Oyo State not to re-elect the Governor because he did not permit Hijab (Daily Post Nigeria Newspaper published on the 21st of June 2022). ”

Dr.Olamide Olanrewaju, noted that in the build up to the election, Christian community stood firm behind their choice candidate whom they believe was their own and would deliver good governance beyond religion, but disheartening to realise that the person they voted overwhelmingly for now classified their votes as minority and worthless.

He enjoined Christians not to be aggrieved but be law abiding and coexist peacefully with people of other religions so as to live as shining example of Christ virtues in the Nigerian society

“The Christian Community in Oyo State has been known for peace building, peace keeping and for always supporting one of their own. It is worrisome that the statement allegedly credited to His Excellency¬† is inciting, does not glorify God and capable of causing disaffection in the State.”

“The Chairman CAN Oyo State has directed that, in the interest of the prevailing peaceful co-existence in the State, irrespective of the concerns of the Christian faithfuls regarding the Headline, the body of Christ should take the pronouncements with philosophical calmness bearing no grudge. To that extent, all are enjoined to remain law abiding and tolerant. Our Father in Heaven will reward our labour of love in Jesus name.”

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