5 Things to Offer Your Partner – By Samuel Okolie

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Marriage is a social contract where couples pledge their commitment to eachother irrespective of what may betide.

What are the things you’re supposed to offer your partner?


 1. Spiritual Support

Let it be that it’s because of you your partner is closer to God, goes to church, reads his or Bible, prays and lives right and not fornicating up and down.

You’re supposed to pray for your partner and help him or her to become strong spiritually but how can you do when you’re not strong yourself? Take your relationship with God seriously. Be spiritual.

 2. Emotional Support

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes we are knocked down. Sometimes our failures and shortcomings overwhelms us causing us to be depressed and despondent.

It’s your responsibility to offer emotional support to your partner, to encourage, to give hope and to strengthen the person and to help the person to overcome low self esteem and to regain confidence.


 3. Financial Support

For many ladies, all they know how to do is to collect money from their guys, to chop the guy until pocket runs dry.

No question is asked about whether the guy has a savings, investment or even the source of his income. The same with some guys, in fact many of them are professionals and experts in chopping ladies with “I want to marry you” mantra.

It’s your responsibility to offer your partner financial support both in terms of giving cash, offering advice on how to make more money, save money and become financially prudent and free.


4. Intellectual Support 

Most of the problems were having today is as a result of our intellectual bankruptcy. Nothing dey head. We have many beautiful girls without brain, many thick, tall and handsome guys without sense.

It’s your responsibility to offer your partner intelligent ideas, knowledge and solutions that will better his or her life. Add something to your head.

5. Developmental Support 

We’re living in a very fast paced world. Everything is moving on a high speed that if you don’t buckle up, you will be left behind hence the need to developing, improving, evolving and enhancing with the season and be in tune with what’s obtainable at a time.

These are what you are supposed to help your partner to do, to become better in every aspect because they met you. Let it not be that his became worse because he met you. Help your partner to become a better version of his or herself.

Make up your mind that you will be an asset to anyone that comes across your life. Be an asset. Don’t be a parasite!

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