Ramadan: Cleric Makes Case for Less Privileged Nigerians

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A popular Islamic cleric, Sheik Abubakir Solaty has urged well meaning Nigerians to always care for less privileged and downtrodden in the society.

He said Nigeria will be great if wealthy and privileged Nigerians always put the interest of their neighbours at heart.

Speaking in Ibadan at the Ayodeji Sakiru Alayande Annual Ramadan Lecture theme: “Perseverance in Famine”, the cleric stated that wealthy people and those in positions of authorities should not only be concerned about well being of their family but also people around them.

He lamented that many people give conditions before rendering assistance, saying this was against the teaching of Holly Quran.

According to him: “Let’s people benefit from the little you have, always do good, we are mortal and we are going to return to the ground one day.

“Always do good to people, uplift those who needs help, don’t only concern about yourself and your family, love your neighbor as yourself.”

He commended the host of the Ramadan lecture, urging well meaning Nigerians to emulate his gesture.

Convener of the event, Ayodeji Alayande said the gesture was borne out of his contributions to humanity, adding that love is giving.

He stated that considering hardship many people are facing, there is need to give back to the society so as to alliviate suffering of the people.

He however called on well-meaning Nigerians to always put smile on faces of people around them.

Highlight of the event include distribution of food items to youths, widows, widowers and persons with disabilities among others at Olugbode compound, Ita-Baale, Ibadan.

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