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Police Take Over Ori-Oke Erinmo Over Crisis

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Osun State Police Command has taken over the Ori-Oke Erinmo prayer mountain in Osun State to prevent further mayhem on the mountain.

Commissioner of Police, Mr
Isyaku Mohammed who announced the stoppage of activities on the mountain said the action was necessary to halt the crisis presently rocking the mountain.

Mr Mohammed said there would be no climbing of the Ori-Oke Agbara in Erinmo-Ijesa for now until further notice.

He said no burials would be allowed on the mountain pending the outcome of the police investigation.

He noted that the mountain was a public and tourism center belonging to all and not an individual.

The commissioner of Police warned that anyone found violating the order would find himself to blame.

He further directed one Samuel Adegoke Bojesomo, known as Arole, to report himself to the police to explain his involvement in the mayhem that took place on the mountain on Monday

There was a report by the people of Erinmo,- ijesa that the children of the late Prophet Odeyemi Joseph Bojesomo were attempting to change the name of Erinmo-Ijesa Prayer Mountain and bury their father there.

This move had been resisted by the people of Erinmo- Ijesa, who vowed to protect their heritage from being desecrated by the Bojesomo family.

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