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Ondo to Administer HPV Vaccine on Children’s Day

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The Ondo State government has said that it would conduct the vaccination excercise against Human Papilloma Virus in the state.

The exercise is to administer vaccine which prevents human papiloma virus, which predisposes girls to cervical cancer.

The Permanent Secretary, Ondo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Francis Akanbiemu, the exercise would kick off on Monday, May 27, children’s day.

Dr Akanbiemu explained that the vaccine, already available in the state would be administered on girls of age 9 to 14yrs in all the eighteen local government areas for five days.

He noted that a mop-up exercise would thereafter take place to ascertain that all eligible girls were reached.

“The vaccine will roll out from Monday, May 27, please mothers allow your children to be vaccinated, we cannot quantify what the government is doing now in terms of this Human Papilloma Virus vaccine. The long term effect of having daughters who would not come down with cervical cancer in the future would be a monumental one. The government has started a race now and the race will not complete until girls of 9-14yrs are reached”



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