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Common Drugs Nigerians Abuse, Their Side Effects, Dangers (No 8 will SHOCK You)

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A lot of people pop these pills for pains, menstrual pains, and bone pains, the so-called “RHEUMATISM”

When misused, it can cause:

1. Ulcers

2. Internal bleeding

3. Heart attack

4. Stroke in the Brain

5. Liver damage

6. Kidney damage



This is now like Tomtom in people’s purses and bags. A common oral contraceptive used by sexually active women to prevent pregnancy

When misused, it can cause:

1. Abnormal menstruation

2. Painful menses

3. Bleeding

4. Hair loss

5. Headache

6. Increased chances of breast cancer.



The drug is Piroxicam. It belongs to a class called NSAIDS (just like Diclofenac). It is used during menstruation for menstrual pains by a lot of women

When misused, it can cause:

1. Ulcer

2. Hypertension

3. Hearing problem

4. Kidney damage

5. Problems with the Pancreas

6. Liver damage.



You will wonder why cough syrups are a best seller in pharmacies, especially the ones with Codeine. Has various constituents, but a lot of people take it like Fanta & mix in drinks

When misused, it can cause:

1. Psychiatry problems like hallucinations, delusions

2. Addiction

3. Sudden death



Common pain medicine is taken by a lot of people. Common also among elderly when they say they have “Rheumatism”

When misused, it can cause:

1. Internal bleeding

2. Hypertension

3. Heart attack

4. It can trigger an asthmatic attack

5. Kidney failure

6. Increases your risk of Abortion (controversial)



Coffee contains caffeine. It has become like daily water for some people.

Executives, students & anyone who wants to stay alert have experimented


When misused, it can cause:

1. Hypertension

2. Sleep problems

3. Anxiety

4. Headache

5. Abnormal beating of the heart

6. Not safe in pregnancy



Common one is Doxycycline. A lot of people admitted to using it for ‘toilet infection’ (so called) and abortion


When misused, it can cause:

1. Liver damage

2. Skin problems

3. Hearing problem

4. It crosses the Placenta and damages the baby’s bone and teeth

5. A No No if you’re pregnant.



It might look like that small orange pill or sweet white pills. It is like chewing gum for some people

When misused, it can cause:

1. Excess and overdose of it can increase your chances of having a kidney stone, which can damage the kidneys.

Especially when one has a background kidney problem.




One of the most available pain killers and with just 100 naira, you can purchase it.

Some people even use it in cooking meat to make meat tender/soft, which is too wrong and dangerous for the health.


When Paracetamol is overused, it can cause:

1. Liver damage

2. Kidney damage.

Also, be careful with paracetamol in children.



This is one of the most abused antibiotics in Nigeria. People take it like they are taking candy bars. Any small diarrhoea, they take it.


Side effects if abused are:

1. It can reduce the blood cell count.

2. It can damage the brain and nerves

3. Not best safe early in pregnancy

4. It has a controversial link to Cancer in Animals.



Alabukun powder contains aspirin and caffeine. A lot of persons use it for pain relief, especially bricklayers and heavy-duty workers


Dangers if abused:

1. Ulcers

2. Bleeding

3. Liver damage

4. Kidney damage

5. Heart attack

6. Hypertension.

7. One can even bleed to death



It contains ampicillin and Cloxacillin. It is now a drug people run to ‘flush’ their system after sex, abortion or treat so-called “toilet infections.”

Dangers if abused:

1. Dangerous in people with penicillin allergy.(Bad reactions)

2. Seizures

3. Damage the muscles

4. Kidney problems.



Common brand is Cypri Gold. People have abused it because it can stimulate appetite in a bid to gain weight.

Dangers if abused:

1. It can affect blood cells

2. Damage the liver

3. Cause poor sleep

4. Abnormal hand shaking

5. Ringing in ears

6. Mess your menses up

7. Low blood pressure.



One of the most abused drugs by Nigerians in a bid to get good sleep. It sedates

Dangers if abused:

1. It can be addictive

2. Dizziness and memory problem,

3. Reduce libido,

4. Liver damage

Stopping it suddenly after long abuse is also dangerous (See a Doctor to guide you ).


Tramadol is meant to be a tightly regulated drug, but sadly, in Nigeria, even with 50 naira, you can get it on the streets.

Dangers if abused:

1. Addiction can cut off your breathing

2. Seizures

3. Seeing things not there

4. Headache,

5. Anxiety.


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