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Meats Smelling Kerosene are Not Healthy for Consumption – University Don, Ekeocha

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A lecturer in the Department of Animal Production and Health, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Dr. Anthony Ekeocha says consuming animals whose skin is burnt with kerosene poses harmful effect to the internal organs

Dr. Ekeocha said the residue of the kerosene which is often felt while consuming beef in the State may overtime lead to terminal disease, such as cancer.

He stressed that continuous consumption of kerosene induced-animal may overtime damage the internal organs of consumers such as the liver, kidney and heart.

The Don however advised butchers in the State to desist from burning animal skin with kerosene, but rather use hot water to remove hair from the cows.

Because of the health implication associated with the kerosene burning, the animal scientist suggested that skinny could be done by pumping the cow, pour hot water on it and remove the hair with either sharp knife or razor blade.”

While condemning the act of burning animal hair with kerosene which butchers claimed to be faster, the lecturer stressed that it is better to prevent sickness rather than nursing it, because health is wealth.

The University Don berated the manner at which beef often smell kerosene in Ekiti State, saying such meats were not healthy for consumption.

He enjoined Ekiti State Goverment to put measures in place to curb butchers from burning animal hair with kerosene, because of its health implication.

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