LGBTQ: Scripture Union Nigeria Captures Young Minds with “Timi Stands Up for The Truth” Book Series

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The scripture Union Nigeria has released a book series entitled “Timi Stands Up for The Truth” to expose the Nigerian children and youths to the biblical position of same sex marriage , transgender and other strange societal encapsulated as LGBTQ: an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer.

Worried by the growing trend of this societal ill which is fast becoming a menace to the society, the SU, an inter-denominational Evangelical Christian Organisation acted swiftly to declare a standpoint and sensitise the world that the LGBTQ is a threat to family value system

According to the Scripture Union, the biblical stand on marriage and procreation should not be halted in order to sustain God’s ideal plan for mankind and procreation.

The Book, “Timi Stands Up for The Truth” which was first unveiled at the general council meeting held at SU headquarters, Samonda, Ibadan Southwest, Nigeria on the 16th of March, 2024, is an intervention story series aimed at countering strange societal ideologies and seeks to protect the virgin minds of children from the lies of present generation

The captivating book which sells for ₦500 per copy is the first in the series with the focus on presenting the Bible’s position against LGBTQ ideology.

was conceptualised by Gbenga Ige, Head of Department, Children and Primary School Department and written by Faith Idolor, clearly presents the Bible truth against immoral ideas of Lesbianism, Homosexuality Bisexuality , transgenderism and Queer ideologies

The SU Nigeria maintains that children now have a credible alternative that can prepare them to stand against LGBTQ calling on individual, churches, government and organisations for sponsorship to make the ₦500 per copy book available for the children.

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