Legal Implication of New-Old National Anthem – By Dr Olukayode Ajulo, SAN

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As a concerned citizen and legal practitioner, I feel compelled to address a pressing matter.

I have been dismayed by recent commentaries from certain individuals who brazenly boast about their disdain for the New-Old Nigerian National Anthem.

They openly defy the law, refusing to stand, sing, or show respect when the anthem is played.

Let them be reminded that such actions are considered a grave sign of disrespect and can incur serious legal consequences.

The Nigerian National Anthem Act stipulates that failure to stand during the rendition of the anthem is an offense punishable by imprisonment, fine and or both fine and imprisonment

I implore all to take heed and show the necessary respect for our national anthem.

-Dr Olukayode Ajulo, OON, SAN is the commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Ondo StateĀ 

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