JAPA: Oluwo Writes Nigerians in Diaspora, Calls for Positive Value, Thinking Towards Nigeria

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I was a victim like most of you too. I left Nigeria hastily in 198? in search of greener pastures. We saw it coming, the damage done by most past Nigerian leaders is monumental. Indeed, very huge problems have been created. An adage says “a problem identified is half solved” and this is true when people involved have the heart to change it. The hardship in Nigeria was created by the minority because the majority were onlookers. And to make it worse, many diasporans exercise restraint, showing little or no interest in Nigeria once they leave the shores of the country.

Sincerely, diasporans deserve commendations because most of you are making us proud back at home. The blacks are geniuses blazing the trail and leading in their chosen careers among the westerners. Relocating abroad is an herculean task, synonymous with starting life all over again. The opportunities overseas are enormous but what excuse are we to offer our children should we refuse to change the narrative of our own dear nation?

Being a responsible son, you don’t throw stones at a house your father built because of its deficiency. You may criticize the bricklayers, builders and others contracted to mould the house but you can not outrightly condemn the house. A pride/patriot is expected to devise a method to remould the house to taste with new architectural designs. I also think that one may even find a better contractor. And I believe this is why there is periodic election to replace incompetent leaders.

Surprisingly, blacks have been discovered and utilized by the western world. We are the architects of most of these great opportunities, our intellectual acumen is an asset to the world. We are pacesetters and trailblazers. The world is challenging our intellect because we have failed to believe in ourselves (country). It may be late but never too late.

I left my comfort zone in Canada to serve my country. Our origin has a tale of whatever we may become in life. Believing and giving back to our origin will tell a lot about our generations. Think positive, give positivity to Nigeria. Our mental orientation has a reflection on our prosperity. Since I returned to Nigeria, I am unarguably the most controversial and most criticized monarch because I refuse to do things the usual old way. When you leave a corpse to a mad man, he may decide to burn it. Abandoning country affairs without a positive contribution from diasporans is inimical to our advancement as a nation. The assimilated western ideas must be transferred to transform our dear nation too. Let’s come home. It’s no doubt, that with a huge sacrifice, God has a way of compensating everyone. I did it. I have engaged my western experience to change the narrative of Iwo such that, within my less than eight years on the throne, a federal institution has been situated in the marginalized ancient city.

More so, our social media agitations will never change much. Quality governance is never earned in the media. Destructive criticism will yield nothing. One of the means of establishing and stabilizing our country is through collective efforts, devoid of proximity, ethnic, social, religious and cultural attachments.

While calling on the government to strengthen the ministry of foreign affairs, I equally charge the diasporans to trust and believe in Nigeria as the giant and bastion of Africa’s credit.


His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I.

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