House Reps Passes Bill Seeking Revert to Old National Anthem

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A Bill for Nigeria to revert to Old National Anthem passed third reading at the House of Representatives

The Bill sponsored by the House Majority leader Professor Julius Ihonvbere was for Nigerians to act according to lyrics contained in the National Anthem.

According to the Majority leader, Nigerians have repeatedly in several occasions sang the current National Anthem without adhering to those patriotic lyrics contained in Anthem.

According to the sponsor of the bill and the Leader of the house, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere the old National Anthem written by Lilian Jean Williams and composed by Frances Benda, is a nostalgic reminder of Nigeria’s rich history and cultural heritage.

He explained that Its lyrics evoke a sense of national pride and unity, and its revival is expected to promote a sense of national identity among Nigerians.

Professor. Ihonvbere who argued that the old national anthem is an integral part of Nigeria’s cultural heritage and should be restored to its former place of honor.

Though the Bill faced strong opposition from some Lawmakers who believed that what Nigerians are passing through now are more than the amendment of the National Anthem

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