His Pavilion Christian Centre Ordains New Ministers

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His Pavilion Christian Centre, HPCC, Akobo, Ibadan has ordained Four new ministers and commissioned them for the service of God and humanity.

The four Ordinands; Pastor Emmanuel Omotunde Alabi, Pastor Abe Olawale, Minister Kate Akomolafe and Minister Blessing Uduak Udoh were anointed by the church’s Lead Pastor, Rev’d ‘Niyi Dahunsi during the Easter Sunday Service.

In his charge to the New ministers, the Lead Pastor, Rev’d Niyi Dahunsi, admonished them to be faithful in God’s work the body of Christ and their local assembly, saying, God rewards faithfulness

The call of God is a celebrated call, it’s not the noble, the wise or the mighty that are called as a matter of fact, God calls the foolish things to confirm the wise. They have to embrace it, celebrate it and confer with it.

Rev’d Dahunsi hinted that there were so many distractions in ministry, warning them that God would not take excuse from anyone not to be faithful, hence they have to love it, and live it.

“They have to answer the call of God like Samuel answered. They must be tenacious and dogged. Enough of eye service, enough of people that brag about title, title don’t deliver entitlement. They have stayed under tutelage, mentorship, some of them for years and they’ve not ended as a matter of fact ,there’s no graduation point that’s why it’s Ordination and not graduation.”

Ordinand’s Response: I am Happy I’m not a Bastard – Pastor Olawale Abe

One of the new ministers who responded in an interview expressed fulfilment and happiness saying it runs in the family, and emphasized that he was not a bastard.

Pastor Olawale, who noted that he came from the family of Ministers explained that it was a privilege to serve in God’s vineyard.

“When I told my parents that I was getting ordained today, they said it’s in the family. I come from a lineage of Levites; people who serve the Lord and i’m happy that I’m not a bastard. I am happy that I’m also carrying on that torch of preaching the gospel and representing the kingdom and working as a worker to ensure that the kingdom is enriched and elased”

Words of Encouragement: Ministry is Heartbreaking and Backbreaking – Pastor Debbie Dahunsi 

Wife of the Lead Pastor, Debbie Dahunsi, encouraged the four newly ordained ministers to take heed to the call and carry it with boldness and brevity to fulfil the assignment that’s attached to the call by God.

She urged them to always lean on the wisdom and the help of the holy spirit saying ministry is heartbreaking and backbreaking.

“You’ll have to carry a lot of people in your heart, you need a large heart, as a minister you must learn how to stand strong, even when you’re going through things, it must not show. Pastoring is not for lazy people, it’s the most tasking work I’ve ever seen in the world because you’re managing people, it’s not things, we are talking about people, destinies and lives. You need a very large heart, because you’ll meet with different kind of people and you must know how to manage them , you must not push them away so you know how to manage one with their own characteristics and you must not push them away and still be able to present them to God.”

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