Foremost Metering Expert, Ademola Agoro Advocates Transparent in Energy Sector

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The Managing Director of Protogy Global Services Limited and Vice President of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, Engr Ademola Agoro has called for increased transparency and capacity development in the Nigeria’s electricity sector.

Engr Agoro who was a guest on BCOS flagship programme AM120, emphasized the importance of transparency in the transition of the power sector towards cost and service reflective tariffs.

He urged all Nigerians to support this transition, highlighting its potential to attract investment in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and unlock the benefits of the new electricity act.

Addressing concerns about distribution companies charging customers in band A, Engr Agoro proposed that these companies be required to sign service level agreements with individual customers.

He stressed the importance of enforceable sanctions from regulators and the implementation of transparent monitoring tools accessible to all parties involved.

Engr Agoro advised the government to reconsider its policy on energy subsidies, suggesting the redirecting subsidy resources towards providing a certain amount of energy units to tax-paying Nigerians and companies, thereby promoting equitable access to electricity.

Highlighting the issue of proper metering, Engr Agoro urged the government to prioritize efforts to ensure that all Nigerians are adequately metered. He emphasized that accurate metering is essential for fair billing practices and efficient energy management.

Engr Agoro’s recommendations underscore the urgent need for collaborative efforts between stakeholders in the electricity sector to address key challenges and drive sustainable development.

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