How Not to Make Money – Pastor Olumide Emmanuel

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A Lagos based Entrepreneur Coach and motivational speaker, Dr. Olumide Emmanuel has reeled out ways not to make money.

He said Making money is not the problem, it’s managing money and multiplying it that is the real issue adding that all they need is to Just get to work because there are no menial jobs, only menial mights.

“Anybody can make money…. Making money is good, the most important thing is to ensure that you make money by working, either you’re working for yourself or working for other people. ”

“Many of the people that are abroad now, they can do taxi, care works, but if you tell them to do it in Nigeria, they’ll tell you, I can’t do that , they’re doing that because they make dollars and they’ve forgotten it’s the same dollar they’re spending.”

“That’s why all people are doing japa now and they’re are stranded, they cannot come back home because they have sold everything back home to relocate.”

“What they need to understand is that there no menial jobs, there’s something we call dignity of labour. All you need to do is to make sure you’re offering value, money flow in exchange of values.”

“Value is meeting needs, solving problems and answering questions.”

According to him, there are wrong notions upon which people hinged on to seek money which may not last as listed below.

1. Begging, you don’t make money by begging, some people beg for a living, urgent 2k…. urgent 2k everywhere , can I have urgent 2k.

2. Inheritance : you don’t make money by inheritance, to wait for inheritance to make money means that you don’t have a vision for your life because any money you didn’t know how to make, you’ll not know how to manage it. That’s why lottery winners lose money and inheritance goes faster.

3. Marriage : Some people use to say I cannot marry a poor man oooo, soft life . One thing you need to note in life is that Wealth is not sexually transmitted. and marriage is not economic empowerment. To Marry a rich man doesn’t make you rich, it just makes you a trophy.

4. Gambling: you don’t make money by gambling, it’s wrong.

5. Stealing: you don’t make money by stealing or by fraud

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