Angry Women Raid Alcohol Shops in Plateau, Says it Makes Their Husbands Useless

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Angry Plateau women have stormed and raided shops stocked with alcohol in Jos.

The women seized and destroy alcoholic drinks making their husbands ‘useless’

The group of women in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State who carried out the activity destroyed alcoholic drinks and related substances from shops across communities.

According to report, the exercise which took place mostly in Sabon Bariki and Bukuru Low Cost areas of Gyel District witnessed a large turnout of women who claimed the substances were making their husbands irresponsible.

The women who divided themselves into groups, were supported by young girls, children, vigilantes and other volunteers, went from shops to joints where such products are sold, took possession of them and destroyed the substance.

Some shop owners who heard of the exercise hurriedly locked their shops and disappeared, but the women promised to come back with tougher measures.

It was gathered that the exercise had the approval of community and traditional rulers

Report has it that the women were mostly concerned with locally produced alcoholic drinks and intoxicants they considered harmful and with high concentration of chemicals.

These drinks are turning our men to irresponsible people. The drinks are weakening them; taking away their strengths and making them useless,” one of the women said.

“Our youths don’t have the strength to do menial jobs or farm to fend for themselves again. They spend most of their time in these drinking places

Our husbands have also been weakened by the drinks, and they can no longer perform their conjugal duties in the night. Today, instead of having a man and a woman at home, we now have two women at home since our husbands cannot be called men any longer.”


Source: Salient Times

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