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By Joy Mordi

In the bustling environs of Garrison Computer Market in Port Harcourt, a woman shared her perspective on Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, shedding light on a man who, in her view, wields the grace of God in a manner that tarnishes the reputations of others. This sentiment arises from his role as the governor of Rivers State, a position he held with widespread support. However, she lamented that the exercise of power seemed to be clouding his judgment and potentially undermining the legacy he could leave behind.

This woman’s viewpoint mirrors the concerns and speculations circulating among the masses of Rivers State. They are increasingly vocal in their call for Barrister Wike to step aside and allow his chosen successor to fulfill his responsibilities and serve the state’s people.

Adding to the chorus of concerns, a prominent leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state raised an alarm about a troubling situation. According to this leader, Barrister Wike appears to be pitting the Ikweres against the Ijaws, a divisive tactic previously unheard of in the state. This unsettling development has the potential to erode the progress and achievements Wike may have credited himself with during his tenure as governor.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s important to remember that the state transcends any one individual, and the well-being of Rivers State should be the paramount concern. Barrister Wike would do well to focus on his responsibilities in Abuja as the FCT Minister, where he can make a meaningful impact.

Barrister Chuks Ejiofor offers a sobering assessment, describing Wike as a man who appears to lack respect for both God and humanity. These concerns and observations underscore the importance of leadership and statesmanship, encouraging a reevaluation of the approach and choices made by a man whose actions carry weight in the destiny of Rivers State.

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