What Manner of Journalist is This? – By Wale Asake

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Ask me one of the few Journalists that I know who is professional, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, skillful, hardworking, friendly, approachable, blunt, intelligent, diligence, caring and selfless? Then, I will tell you sharply and aptly that I know one in Ibadan, Oyo State.

He has demonstrated his uprightness in many ways. He has never been found wanting in any given assignment. His approach to his profession is second to none. At times, I will be asking myself if this guy sleeps or think about something else than this job. I later came to term that it is in his blood. Nothing can gag him from doing what he knows how to do best.

Having realized this, I will continue wishing him well in all he is doing oooooo.

I am so sorry for the suspense I gave you readers of this piece. The man I am talking about is someone you and I know quite well. He will never stab you at the back and laugh with you in your present. He will speak the truth even if he is the only or last man standing. Argue with him at your own peril because his submission will later make you understand or be more informed than when you began argument on any issue (s) raised

The man is Akeem Abas, the Special Adviser Media to the Most popular and most Media Friendly Senator that I know or have met, Distinguished Senator Sharafadeen Abiodun Alli of Oyo South, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Akeem Abas has been exhibiting professionalism in the assignment at his hands. One Day, One Story. At times, One Day, Two Stories propagating the good Works of Senator Alli. Oyo South has never had it so good like this. Akeem has made the Constituents know that Senator Alli is a worthy representative of the District.

Within 5 months in Office, through professional Media Relations, people have seen and read what Senator Sharafadeen Alli has done to impact lives in Oyo South Senatorial District. Prompt Release of News about Senator Alli has been topnotch. He has been releasing Statements to celebrate the past and the present leaders in the State, not leaving out members of the public who never thought someone like Senator Alli could remember their Birthdays/Anniversaries. What a round peg in a round hole, Akeem Abas is.

I will just implore him to keep it up and continue his good deeds.

Your pen will never dry of ink! Your phone will never malfunction!! Your laptop will never pack up!!! Sky is just the beginning. Continue building on the confidence that the Distinguished Senator Sharafadeen Alli reposed in you which made you to be worthy of his SA Media.

Don’t be distracted by anything. You can’t please everybody, but satisfy your conscience. I wish you the best.


Wale Asake writes from Ibadan

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