Tinubu, Super Strong, He Fell and Rose up Again – By Adeniyi Olowofela

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“The Greatness of a man is not in his ability not to fall but his ability to rise each time he fell” – Obafemi Awolowo

June 12, Democracy day, is known for what happened on that day 25 years ago when IBB – The evil genius, conducted the most credible election in Nigeria by the umpire Professor Nwosu. However the military leadership under the watch of IBB annulled the election. Nigerians of all shades and character fought relentless to revalidate the election, many people died, many were incarcerated, many went on self exiles. One of the principal actor is the current Nigerian President. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

MKO Abiola was arrested and placed in house arrest by General Sanni Abacha. Four years later Abacha died followed by the Death of MKO Abiola.

General Abdul Salam became the head of State of Nigeria and hurriedly conducted election that brought General Obasanjo Olusegun to power in 1999. The position he hel until 2007, when Sheu Yaradua became the president who died before the expiration of his tenure and his Vice-President Jonathan became the President in the first instance and came back to power the second instance in the year…

Every effort to revalidate the date, June 12, in national history became abortive until President Muhammadu Buhari came to power as a Civilian President and gave his support for June 12 to be recognized as Democracy Day instead of May 29 of every year.

Year 2024 came and PBAT wanted to climb the parade vehicle and he stumbled and fell. He was back on his feet again. Every close observer of the Video would have seen that if he was not super strong that would have been the end of the parade. He stood up again, moved around in the parade vehicle and even later joked about the matter, that as a Yoruba, “Mo dobale” I prostrated for democracy.

I remember Arakunrin Akeredolu (may his soul rest in peace) before his demise , in a private chat, that he prayed that Tinubu will get into Aso Rock, He said it appears that there is a “magic” in the aso Rock that make the Occupants younger, he said look at Buhari someone said he will be using pampers in the Aso. Rock on account of his age, however by the time Buhari spent 3 years in Aso Rock , he became healthier and sronger to the extent some people fabricated story that he has been swapped by another person “Jibrin of Sudan”

Leadership of the country is complicated and requires someone strong, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tinubu fell and rose up – demonstration of physical strength.

He addressed the nation after rising – Mental Strength

He joke and recon tested the event, “modobale fun democracy”, I prostrated for democracy – Emotional Strength.

One year has gone Baba, the task ahead is daughting, Nigerians look forward to a better tomorrow. We pray you will be the Architect of a stronger and better Nigeria.

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