Tinubu should implement ideas offered by religious and traditional leaders during campaign visits to solve current economic crisis … Professor Olagoke

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Founder Shafaudeen in Islam Professor Sabit Olagoke, has Called on President Bola Tinubu to use his instrument of power to exterminate institutional indiscipline and corruption which had plunged the nation into the present economic hardship.

The Islamic cleric explained that there were lots of instruments of power the president could use just as he consulted various groups leaders accross the lengths and breath of the nation while campaigning for the office

He noted that the Ibadan Mogajis among whom he belongs have requisite knowledge of the solutions to the current economic quagmire of the country stressing that the president should revisit the recommendations and ideas he recieved from his hosts during those visits.

“By the time he was campaigning all about, he went to a lot of traditional rulers, he visited a lot of religious leaders . He needs to now come back and implore into how best can we make use of traditional or in the area of our culture, the traditional starting from the Mogajis, we believe the Mogajis stand for the grassroots development, they need to be actively involved and it’s by empowering the Obas who’s overseeing all the affairs.”

“It is important to note that unless the issue of corruption is squarely addressed and institutional indiscipline is replaced with restored value of our culture of integrity and sanity, where deterrence through meritorious and objective foundation of justice would underline the process of anti-corruption crusade, Nigeria would continue to suffer from realizing the true and appreciable human development index”.

Professor Olagoke emphasized that the expectation of the people was to see the president they elected must not dashed there hope but should deliver dividend of democracy across board. Adding bad governance may lead to the clamour for military coup by the masses.

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