Ramadan: Alayande Feeds Over 1,000 People, Urges Wealthy Nigerians To Help The Needy

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A philanthropist, Ayodeji Sakiru Alayande, has urged well meaning Nigerians to help the needy during and after holy month of Ramadan as he distributed food items to over 1000 people during a Ramadan lecture he sponsored in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Speaking at the programme that took place at the Palace of Olugbode, Itabaale Ibadan, Alayande urged Muslim faithful to use their wealths and positions to positively impact the people around them during and after the Ramadan fasting.

He emphasized that the programme was devoid of any political colouration, adding that his quest was borne out of his passion to put smiles in the face of the needy.

He charged well meaning Nigerians to freely give to the needy since it is more blessed to give than to receive.

“Apart from today’s lecture, over 1000 people benefitted from our food sharing programme to make sure that people have something to eat during and after the Ramadan.

“May I use this opportunity to appeal to our people to wake up from our comfort zones and join the task of helping others.

“Don’t give to get, give to inspire”. I am appealing to every one of us to make a paradigm shift by adopting a selfless approach in our giving attitude.

“Let ensure that the culture of giving cheerfully to the less privileged ones with no string attached be our hallmark. We must not wait till we have excess before we give, “Alayande said.

In his message, the guest lecturer, Sheikh Abubakir Muhammed Solaty, admonished Nigerians to always give freely without putting the needy understand stringent conditions before they could receive help.

He maintained that giving to the needy should not be limited to ramadan period or close relations alone.

“In the spirit of Ramadan, we must be ready to share out of the little we are having with people around us.

“Great rewards awaiting cheerful givers at the end and while in this world, givers will never lack, “he said.

Earlier in his remarks, the royal father of the day, Mogaji Tesleem Abiodun Olugbode, said that many Nigerians found it difficult to eat due to inflation and general hardship in the country.

 The royal father noted that government alone could not address present challenges calling on well meaning Nigerians support their neighbours with whatever they have.

The lecture featured sharing of food items such as rice, milk, flour and noodles among others.

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