Presidency Inaugurates Abuja CNG Conversion,Training Centre

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The Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative (P-CNGi), has inaugurated the Abuja CNG conversion and training centre to ensure the attainment of a sustainable energy future in the country.

The government inaugurated the centre at the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology under the leadership of its director-general, Bayero Farah.

In his remark, Zacch Adedeji, the chairman of the Presidential CNG Initiative Steering Committee, said CNG was the way to reduce the cost of transportation.

Mr Adedeji disclosed that the government spent US$ 6 billion to import petroleum into the country annually, “using our dollars and just creating the mess that we have found ourselves in.”

Mr Adedeji added, “At times for us at the Presidential CNG Initiative Steering Committee, when we are meeting, we can’t just understand how it was possible that Nigeria up until today has been buying Petrol for all cars and commercial vehicle when we have gas here. And we can use the gas.

We can power all our vehicles with gas at a cheaper and one-third of the cost. We will not have been spending any foreign exchange, and we will have created all kinds of jobs and opportunities.

He said within the next three to five years, Nigeria would save $3 million to $ 5 billion that the country was spending on petrol, adding that “we will no longer be buying it.”

Mr Adedeji explained that “we are opening this economy and this part of the sector to everybody in the country,” noting that “if you are able to set up a conversion centre, we will work with you if you are able to import kits.”

Also, the project director of P-CNGi, Michael Oluwagbemi, noted that the inauguration of the Abuja P-CNGi Conversion Centre, “the second of its kind, after the Lagos State P-CNGi Conversion Centre, represents a profound shift in Nigeria’s approach to energy and transportation.”

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