Police Doesn’t Have The Authority to Criminalise Usage of ‘No Gree for Anybody’ – Lawyer

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A legal practitioner, Oluwaseun Kolawole Esq has faulted the police caution on the usage of the viral slogan ‘No Gree for Anybody’, saying it lacked the constitutional stand to clamp down on users.

Kolawole, who runs a private firm, Marquee Law Firm quoted relevant portions of the constitution to nail the police action as anti-people, saying the slogan No Gree for Anybody’,is a cliche for positive vibes and not criminally intended

Recourse being made to the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended, section 36 subsection 12 says that unless any act is codified as an offence, nobody can make any act as an offence, therefore police delving into the usage of no gree for anybody slang as an offence, I boldly say, police has no authority.”

He noted that the slogan which started among the youths at the dawn of the new year 2024 had been used by the people in a positive way, stating that all the police could do is to identify with the people and reorientate them that the slogan be used without any intension of causing crisis in the society.

Personally I have not seen or heard where the slogan has caused any trouble, mishaps or any form of violence . So police should just stick to their rules of engagement to their professional role and not terrorise or intimidate citizens using the slogan – ‘No Gree for Anybody’

Kolawole warned the police not to clamp down on anybody using the slogan, saying they don’t have the authority to carry out arrest and prosecution on such.

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