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No Cholera Outbreak in Oyo – Epidemiologist

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Oyo state government has said no recorded any spread of cholera in the state.

The State Epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health, Dr Iyabo Kareem who stated this in Ibadan declared as untrue, news making the round that there was outbreak of Cholera in the state.

Dr Kareem called on residents, citizens and the public in the state to be wary of the sources of water they drink including locally made beverages and food from local vendors.

While sensitizing the public on first aid in the case of any suspected incident, the state Epidemiologist told the people to avoid consumption of contaminated food especially cold or raw food.

Dr. Kareem hinted that anyone stooling and vomiting at this time should be given ORS water and taken to the hospital for proper examination.

She urged the public to prioritise their personal hygiene and avoid open defecation.

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