Many Marriages of Our Youths Have Crumbled Before Solemnization Day – Mike Bamiloye

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Time-Bombs have been set and places in thier homes ever before they said “I Do”.

False Teachers have taught the Ladies to walk against the Word of God!

They have taught them to get ready to play the roles of the Head.

Many ladies who have adopted their principles and teachings are going into the Marriage DEFENSIVELY, getting ready to jet out at the slightest rocking of the Boat.

Their teachings are laying undue emphasis on Materials and physical possessions.

How can you say if your husband can not provide for rhw basic domestic needs of the house, he is not fit to be a husband.

What about the Storms of life?

What about trials of life?

How can you say that a man who is been fed by his wife ought not to be a husband.?

What about if after the wedding the call of God come upon the man and the wife is the only one now working for the whole family?

I know some young women who are hooked by this strange teachings will take me up now and attack me, but listen to me, I am talking the truth to you. And I am talking to you from a 35 years of successful Marriage experience.

Dont listen to any Preacher who does not teach you how to be Sacrificial and Patience in marriage.



If they were not Sacrificial and Patient in their Marriage, will they still have their husbands.

They talk as if there is a trials and tension and the man is not able to put things on table as a particular time, he has lost his value.

Today, many Divorces and Separations are hitting the marriages of many young Christian Couples.

Many young women dont listen to their husbands any more, they have been taught rhat they too have an Authority, rhat it doesnt resides on man alone anymore.

SUBMISSIVENESS has now become strange to them. It is like an abomination.

If it were possible, they would have removed it from the Bible.

I am not in support of husbands who take their wives for granted.

I am not talking for husbands who turn their wives to slaves or oinching bags, those ones are not Responsible Men. They are walking against the Word of God.

I am soeaking to Daughters of Zion who are being deceived by doctrines of thw devil.




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