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How To Make SOYA Beans Drink (SEE Step by Step PROCEDURE)

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Sugar or honey

Dabino (date)

Flavour of your choice




soak the soyabean in the water, over night, in order to make it soft and easy to peel off the skin.


Remove the outer Skin from the bean seed. And wash it thoroughly to avoid dirty.


Blend together the soyabean seed, dubino (date) and ginger . add water while blending to make it blend smoothly.


After blending it , you can add more water here and mix very well.

Then separate the chaaf from the soya milk by using sieve net .


Sieve it for 3 or 4 times, then pour the soya milk into pot,,

When it starts boiling reduce the heat and continuously stirring it to avoid spilling over the pot .

On a low heat stir for 30mins and put it down add the sugar or honey


Remember dabino (date) contains natural sugar itself, so know how you put sugar or honey to avoid sugary soya milk.

Then you can add any flavour of your choice for more taste.

And also note that you can change the color of soya milk to any colour you admired.

After mixing everything together check the taste of you are satisfied with it

Then store in a cup or plastic

And keep in the refrigerator or freezer

Drink when it cool with hot cookies

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