Four Cheap Universities in Luxembourg for International Students (LIST)

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1. The University of Luxembourg ( the only public university ) offers both  Bachelor’s and Master’s in English language.

Bachelors program is per 400-600 Euro per semester and it’s for three years (6 semesters).

A secondary school certificate can be used to prove English proficiency.

Application officially opens February 1, 2024 – April 2024.


2. Lunex University (International University of Health, Exercise and Sports ).

This school has a unique way of admission.


It offers just six courses:

a. Physiotherapy ( Bachelor, Master)

b. Sport and Exercise Science ( Bachelor, Master)

c. Sport Management ( Bachelor, Master),

d. Nutrition Fitness and Health (Bachelor),

e. Corporate Health Management, and wellbeing ( Bachelor)

The language of study is mainly English.

Registration fee is 595 euros, and the tuition fee is 825 – 860 euros monthly.

Online application is ongoing.


3. Sacred Heart University: Application is ongoing; offers both Bachelor and Master programs in English. The tuition fee is from 7600 euro to 13000 per semester.

4. Luxembourg School of Business: Offers only Masters Progam in management.

Application is ongoing, and Tuition is between 3500 euros to 4500 euros per year.

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