CERTIFICATE RACKETEERING: Journalist Reveals Fake Degree Cost from Benin Republic Varsity

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A Nigerian investigative journalist has revealed that he spent roughly N600,000 to get a Bachelor of Science degree from a Benin Republic institution in two months.

Umar Audu, a journalist from a Nigerian Daily Newspaper, disclosed this during an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday.

Audu, who busted a fake certificate mill at Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et de Technologies, ESGT, Cotonou, added that he wondered how the certificate passed through Nigerian authorities without being noticed.

When asked how much he spent to acquire the fake certificate, Umar said, “I spent roughly N600,000. I did not go to the border; I only gave an immigration officer to help me get an ECOWAS passport and a backdated stamp of Nigerian Immigration and Benien, which I spent N150,000.”


Credit: Daily Post

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