2024: Government Should Reset Economic Policies, Nigerians are Suffering – Prof. Gbade Ojo

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The General Overseer, Sanctuary of Christ Evangelical Ministry, Ibadan, Professor Gbade Ojo wants the federal to redesign its economic policies with human face in 2024 so as to solve the recurring inflation and economic hardship in the country.

Prof Ọjọ who’s the chief of staff to the late former governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi explained that year 2023 was tough for Nigerians owing to non people friendly economic policies by federal government which had inflicted hardship on the citizens

The year 2023 was perhaps the toughest year for Nigeria. Not even during the civil war that the economy was well managed and Nigeria did not go aborrowing.the year was indeed very tough in terms of economic hardship.”

He noted that there was rising expectation before the general election in 2023 that president Bola Tinubu would utilise economic wizardry to salvage the hailing economy but the expectation according to him was dashed due to the removal of subsidy on petrol which had cause the present economic woe and rising inflation in the country.

Prof Ojo said the step taken by the president was not in tune with the economic realities of the country saying the decision had plagued the country the more into economic woes.

Presently, Nigeria government is jubilating that it would be exporting gas to South Africa, from January 2024, the truth is that, how available in terms of sufficiency is gas, how affordable is gas to an average Nigerian talk less of exporting gas ?”

In 2024, the economic policy of government must wear humane face , currently what we are experiencing as economic hardship is policy that doesn’t wear humane face. The econy must be diversified, not total reliance on oil.”

He expressed worries on the porous situation of security in the country, saying the military and police should be encouraged to focus more on intelligence gathering to forestall mass attack and killings in the country.

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