2023 is The Hottest Year Ever – UN

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The United Nations, UN,  has declared that 2023 will go down in history as the hottest year ever and called for immediate action to stop global warming.

The UN made the declaration at the convergence of world leaders in Dubai for the UN COP28 climate conference.

The World Meteorological Organisation, WMO released its preliminary 2023 State of the Global Climate report and issued a warning, stating that extreme weather had left “a trail of devastation and despair” and that 2023 had broken a number of climate records.

“It’s an overwhelming din of mismatched sounds,” stated WMO Director, Petteri Taalas.

Greenhouse gas emissions are at all-time highs. The temperature is at a record high worldwide. The rise in sea level is record high. Sea ice in Antarctica is at a record low.

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